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  Yacht Charter


It is an ideal way to explore some of the

most beautiful cruising destinations

in the world.


We offer bareboat charter to those people who wish to skipper their own yacht and have their friends and family as crew.  

For bareboat yacht charter the skipper should have previous skippering experience aboard yachts of a similar size to that being chartered with an IYT Skipper qualification or an international equivalent. In addition, at least one other crew member should be a competent sailboat sailor, who ideally has sailed with you before.


No Experience? Then try one of our skippered packages. 

If you do not have enough experience to run your own yacht or frankly you just prefer to relax and let someone else take the strain why not book one of our yachts with a professional skipper.

Skippered charter is especially good for those families with small children or for charterers who just want that extra bit of assurance that an extra pair of hands brings.

By using the services of one of our well qualified professional skippers you can just sit back and relax on your yacht charter whilst visiting all the best harbours and anchorages.



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